GEL Studios Kickstarter

Give your business an effective online presence.

Our Kickstarter websites are perfect if you're looking for a place online to point people towards. The pages are designed in an engaging way (we don't want to overwhelm the user!) and are also built to a super-high standard, with Google principles in mind (it's mobile-friendly and optimised).

You can have as many pages as you like, and using the tools available, you can create a variety of different page layouts to highlight your business and its services.

Your branding.

Your logo and branding will be used through out the page, giving a consistent, professional look and feel.

Changing the sites colours, fonts and imagery can all be done from your computer browser, without any special software. Setting up your Kickstarter website takes only a few minutes.

Contact details and form.

Your contact and social media details will be included, as well as a contact form for people to reach you on.

To ensure that your emails get delivered on time, all the time - all our Kickstarter websites utilise our enterprise level SMTP email delivery service, Send Grid.

Spam? What spam? We use Google Recaptcha V3 on all forms to ensure you get online genuine enquires.

Editable content areas.

You'll have access to edit content areas, where you can elaborate on your business and services, with rich text and media.

Changing the headings, text, hyperlinks, and button text is all but a breeze. Updating or adding images - even easier!

We have many different tools for your content to sit in. Normal content, image, video, testimonials, gallery and drop downs to name a few. Create exciting new areas for your content quickly, and easily.

Multiple pages.

Your site can have as many pages as you like, and by using the tools available, you can create many different visual layouts for your content.

You can have pages that show in the main site menu, or ones that are hidden. Perfect for creating a website with visible pages to your audience, or for creating traditional landing pages to support other forms of digital marketing.